Ethereum Client Quick Setup


Prerequisite: UBUNTU, Mint or another UBUNTU based flavor ready for use. Internet access open.

Security: This short quick guide describes the basic setup, but does NOT describe additional configuration like security, firewall etc.

Note: Lines with # are comments and do not need to be typed.


Open a terminal/console window and execute the following procedure:

tasha@ETHER-PI:~$ # Go to $HOME directory
tasha@ETHER-PI:~$ cd ~
tasha@ETHER-PI:~$ # Obtain all files and install all files
tasha@ETHER-PI:~$ # --------------------------------------
tasha@ETHER-PI:~$ sudo apt-get install curl
tasha@ETHER-PI:~$ bash <(curl -L)
tasha@ETHER-PI:~$ bash <(curl -L)
tasha@ETHER-PI:~$ sudo apt-get install ethminer
tasha@ETHER-PI:~$ # Create new account 
tasha@ETHER-PI:~$ # ------------------
tasha@ETHER-PI:~$ # - Not required if account exists
tasha@ETHER-PI:~$ # - Default account directory is $HOME/.ethereum 
tasha@ETHER-PI:~$ geth account new


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